Why did DOJ Pilger Resign? Does anyone remember Lois Lerner and the TEA PARTY IRS TARGETING??!


We will leave the small talk for you to figure out, but here is why Mr Pilger “resigned” at DOJ. We use “resigned” in “air quotes” because he apparently is still working at the DOJ.

“”” from the New York Post, all credit to them”” link at bottom of story.

“”””The October 2010 events are significant. They establish high-level Justice Department interest in IRS targeting of conservative groups.

The events also set a partisan political context to the Justice and IRS actions: Everyone — meaning, everyone in liberal Democratic circles — is screaming at us right now to fix Citizens United.

Three years later, Pilger and Lerner were still at it. In a May 2013 e-mail uncovered by Judicial Watch, Lerner discussed with a colleague a call from Pilger on the thoughts of Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) about building “false-statement cases” against tax-exempt groups.

Whitehouse’s “idea,” Lerner wrote, was “that DoJ could piece together false-statement cases about applicants who ‘lied’ on their [tax-exempt applications].” She added, “DoJ is feeling like it needs to respond.”

Smith and Pilger aren’t the only Justice Department officials with conflicts of interest in the IRS case.

Another sign that Justice has a conflict of interest here is the woman tapped to lead its IRS investigation: Barbara Bosserman of the department’s Civil Rights Division. She has no apparent experience in cases where high-level political wrongdoing is at issue.

And she gave almost $7,000 to President Obama’s political campaigns and the Democratic National Committee. In 2009, according to Fox News, she attended a White House event hosted by the president.

Then there’s Andrew Strelka. Working in Justice’s Tax Division, he represented the IRS in two civil cases related to the targeting of tax-exempt groups, including a Freedom of Information battle with Judicial Watch. And before Justice, he worked for the IRS in Lois Lerner’s Exempt Organizations division.

“I cherished my time in the EO family,” Strelka e-mailed Lerner, “and I owe a big thanks to you for hiring me.”

Strelka’s ties to Lerner were so strong that both Treasury and Justice interviewed him in their IRS probes. But when he was defending the IRS in targeting matters, he failed to disclose to the judge or opposing counsel his ties to the IRS and Lerner.

The involvement of Smith, Pilger, Bosserman and Strelka all point to conflicts of interest for the Justice Department in the case…””””

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Author: Mark Sanger