West Iredell High School holds career fair

Picture courtesy of Iredell-Statesville Schools


Speaking to a gymnasium filled with high school seniors, Sam Mishler, Plant Director of Niagara Bottling in Mooresville shocked the crowd around his table with this fact…”We are the largest private label bottler in the United States”, he said. “Last year we bottled 1.6 billion bottles of water at our Mooresville location.” These numbers caught the attention of West Iredell High School students as they made their way around the tables on Wednesday, May 17th. This inaugural career fair event catered to the graduating seniors and, according to Alan Williams, Career Development Counselor, was scheduled at this time of the year “to make them understand that this phase of their lives was coming to an end!”

“This is the most successful career event this year”, said Kevin Goral, Recruiter for Autobell Car Wash. “Our corporation is full of opportunities, beginning at the age of 16. I’m here to get employees!”, he said.

Shelton Moore, Family Support Services Director and Selena Feimster, Career Development Specialist, were holding court at the I-Care booth. A film scrolled throughout the morning recanting a success story of a young man from Statesville and the success he found after being placed through I-Care at JP’s Plumbing and Heating in Statesville. I-Care is in the business of certifying employees for pathways to employment and it’s working!

“Employers have told us they want to get in front of students,” said Gordon Palmer, Principal of West Iredell High School. “ So the most natural thing to do was invite employers to our school, We will continue to host this type of event.” In total, 22 businesses, staffing agencies, and career planners attended the event. Starting salaries ranged from $8 to $15 an hour depending on the particular business. Additional options were available with short shift opportunities for those students looking to work and attend college.

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