Weight of snow leads to propane leak



Yadkinville Police responded to assist fire and Emergency Management today (Feb 13, 2014) at Suburban Propane, shortly after noon today following reports of gas clouds and propane odor. The facility is located at 740 North State Street, Yadkinville, NC.

Yadkinville Fire Department units on scene reported a fill pipe connected to a 30,000 gallon LP tank was severed when a metal shed collapsed under the weight of heavy snow that accumulated this morning.

First responders reported strong propane odors and visible clouds of highly-flammable heavier-that-air gas drifting from the facility toward the low-lying residences,Town Branch, Yadkinville Community Park, and the fire station.

Police established a perimeter and diverted traffic from the area while fire personnel, Emergency Management, and company officials gained access to the leak. Continued heavy snowfall during the event and already snow-covered roads made emergency response and detours extremely difficult.

An emergency evacuation shelter was established at Mackie-Sinclair Funeral Home for displaced residents who were asked to evacuate their homes until the hazardous conditions could dissipate. Additional resources from surrounding fire departments, highway patrol, sheriff’s deputies, and rescue squad personnel assisted police in the evacuation and detour efforts.

The severed gas line was eventually closed off and light winds assisted in dissipating the gas from the area. Evacuation efforts were called off and residents were allowed to return to their homes. Over 200 residents were affected by the event and no injuries were reported.

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