Troutman traffic stop leads to drug charges



Imran Chaudhary - Picture courtesy of the Troutman Police Department
Imran Chaudhary – Picture courtesy of the Troutman Police Department

On 6-19-2016, a Troutman Police Officer was on patrol near the intersection of Old Mountain and North Main Street. The Police Officer ran the registration plate of a 1997 Honda Accord. Information came back on the vehicle from the DMV that the vehicle was not insured. The Officer initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle at Old Mountain Road and Barium Lane. The Officer confirmed with the driver that the vehicle was not insured. While the Officer was speaking with the driver about the insurance issue on the vehicle, the officer could smell an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle passenger compartment area. The driver and other occupants of the vehicle were asked to exit the vehicle. The driver admitted to the Officer that he had just finished smoking marijuana. Troutman Officers located a glass marijuana pipe. The Officers also located a bag containing 28.7 grams of marijuana. The driver of the vehicle took responsibility for the illegal drugs and paraphernalia. The suspect was charged with two counts of Possession of Schedule VI, two counts of Possession or Drug Paraphernalia and No Insurance on Vehicle. Suspect was charged, cited and released at the scene.

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