Troutman Police: Child in vehicle as suspect fled officer

Christopher Kennedy Picture courtesy of the Troutman Police Department
Christopher Kennedy
Picture courtesy of the Troutman Police Department


Chief Matthew Selves stated on 02/18/2016 at 2:00 PM, Traffic Safety Officer Devin Bentley received a tip in reference to Christopher Anthony Kennedy. The information stated that Christopher Kennedy had five felony warrants on him and that he was hiding out from law enforcement. Officer Bentley was informed Kennedy would be driving a green Dodge Ram truck, single cab, tag number DME-6767 and staying on Carrigan Road in Troutman. About 15 minutes later while on patrol, Officer Bentley traveling north on Charlotte Highway near Exit 42 and noticed a green Dodge truck behind me. The green Dodge Ram truck passed Officer Bentley. The truck was a green, single cab Dodge truck displaying NC tag DME-6767. There was a male subject driving the vehicle. The green Dodge truck turned left onto Carrigan Road off of Charlotte Highway. Officer Bentley activated his blue lights and siren. The truck would not stop and continued all the way to the end of Carrigan Road. Officer Bentley noticed the driver’s door open before the truck came to a complete stop. Kennedy jumped out of the truck and started to run behind the mobile home. A few seconds later a young male child jumped out of the truck and ran towards 153 Carrigan Road. Officer Bentley began a foot chase after the Kennedy suspect. The chase went behind the residence into the woods along a creek bed. Officer Bentley yelled numerous times for Kennedy to stop but Kennedy did not obey. Kennedy continued running and still would not obey numerous commands to stop. Officer Bentley caught up with Kennedy about 1⁄4 mile into the woods and tackled the suspect to the ground. Kennedy was placed under arrest without any further altercation. The suspect was brought back out of the woods and secured in the patrol vehicle. During the altercation, Lt Darrin Payne confirmed that the residents at 153 Carrigan Road were Kennedy’s parents and the unknown male child’s grandparents. Officer Bentley was able to personally speak with the male child to confirm he was Ok and did not need anything further. Officer Bentley transported Christopher Kennedy to the Iredell County Magistrate’s office and took him before the Magistrate. Christopher Kennedy had multiple Orders for Arrest, Failure to Appears, and felony probation violations. Kennedy was served with those warrants by Officer Bentley. Kennedy was given a $100,000 secured bond for those charges. Officer Bentley charged the Kennedy suspect with misdemeanor Flee to Elude, Injury to Personal Property, Child Restraint and Resist, Obstruct and Delay. Kennedy was given a $ 5,000.00 secure bond for those charges. Officer Bentley attempted to charge the suspect with child neglect/endangerment but the Magistrate stated this incident did not meet the elements. Kennedy suspect was placed in the Iredell County Jail pending his first court appearance.

Charges: Misdemeanor Flee to Elude, Injury to Personal Property, Resisting Public Officer, Child Restraint Violation, Felony Probation Violation (FTA) 2 Counts, FTA (DWLR), FTA – Felony B/E, FTA – Felony Larceny, and FTA – Felony Larceny. Bond set at $105,000.00 secured.

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