Troutman Elementary students learning computer code this week

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December 8, 2014 – Troutman, NC –This week, Iredell Statesville Schools is pioneering the way to ensure that students in our community are equipped with valuable 21st century critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our students will be participating in events during the school day to give everyone in our community an exciting introduction to computer science.

“We believe that learning computer programming gives kids important skills to navigate a future where many aspects of their lives will be influenced by technology,” says Jill Sipe. “Giving them the confidence to understand how technology works, and the ability to control it, is an increasingly important part of children’s education today, and we are continuing our efforts with this year’s updated “Hour of Code.””

Troutman Elementary wants all students to experience how easy and empowering it is to learn programming. The entire school will participate in an Hour of Code using a variety of fun and engaging activities from Tynker, a company that allows students to create and share projects with code, while supporting Common Core and CSTA standards. Tynker’s internationally recognized creative computing platform helps children of all ages develop computational thinking and programming skills as they snap together visual code blocks to create computer programs.

Younger students will focus on solving simple coding puzzles, and will use what they learn to create interactive holiday cards, cartoon comics, simple games and stories. Older students will be able to choose from a variety of coding projects, from Tynker that will guide them through the creation of drawing tools, math art and even multi-level and multi-player games that they can share and play with each other. All week long, students will engage in fun, collaborative activities and best of all, they will learn key programming concepts that Troutman Elementary will build on in the future.

Students are excited about computer programming, and are looking forward to the events planned for December 8-14. Hour of Code events will take place during the children’s computer lab enhancement class. Parents, community leaders and the media are welcome to attend.

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