Town of Cornelius to launch Street Smarts program



Cornelius – The Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) for the Town of Cornelius is launching a new program called Street Smarts. The purpose of this program is to identify the difficulties and opportunities that citizens see for our roads so that TAB may better advise the Board of Commissioners on transportation projects. The Street Smarts program will be a map portal on the Town website where participants can place a pin on a road, intersection, crosswalk, etc. Participants can then add a comment to highlight an idea, issue, or best practice for that pinned location. These comments will be reviewed and responded to by TAB at their monthly meetings. It should be noted that not all comments will lead to immediate action and that this is primarily a way to build a working list of improvements for the medium to long term.

Street Smarts went live on 5/25/2019. With good participation, this program will become a crucial feedback tool to connect participants to their Commissioners and government officials. Street Smarts is just one piece of the Town’s daily efforts to improve safety, communication, and the quality of life in our community and we encourage citizens to explore the new tool. For more information on the program, please visit Interested parties can also learn more at the upcoming Connecting Cornelius on Monday, June 3, where Planning Director Wayne Herron will discuss the program.

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