Tornado confirmed in Cool Springs, clean-up continues


UPDATE: The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado in Iredell County Wednesday afternoon.  The assessment of its path continues with more information expected to be released at a later time.

At least three Cool Springs homes were destroyed after what the Fire Department there is calling a tornado Wednesday afternoon.

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Cool Springs Fire Chief Andy Webster. In two of those cases where properties were destroyed, no one was home. A mother and her two children reportedly hid in the basement at the other.

There’s only one known injury from the Cool Springs situation – a Paul Keaton who is believed to have been picked-up by the tornado while in his car and dropped in someone’s yard.

(AUDIO: Please watch the report above to hear this quote).

Harold Keaton who believes his relative will be okay. Numerous houses were damaged, although it’s unknown exactly how many. The storm’s damages were wide-spread across the areas surrounding Highway 64, Sain and Swann Roads.

North Carolina State Trooper Dennis Maffucci caught the suspected tornado on video:

Maxine Mitchell lives in a house next door to one of those that was destroyed. Watch her interview with WSIC here:

Watch Cool Springs Fire Department Chief Andy Webster’s full interview with WSIC here:

Chris Hoke took to Facebook Live to update followers after returning from the storm area Wednesday evening:

Damage pictures:

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