Thirteen Graduated Tonight From Mitchell Community College BLET


Graduates of MCC BLET

Tonight, in a unique drive-in graduation, thirteen graduated from Mitchell Community College Basic Law Enforcement Training program. Director of Basic Law Enforcement Training, Todd Carver greeted a crowd of nearly one hundred people, including Sheriff Darren Campbell and Chief David Addison. Deputy Kent, who was the class squad leader, lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Deputy Pille, class leader, addressed his classmates and guests. He thanked his classmates, teachers and family. He encouraged them to do the right thing for the right reasons.

Lieutenant Jacob Dyson, Investigations Supervisor, Iredell County Sheriff’s Office was the keynote speaker. Dyson reflected on his last twenty-eight years in law enforcement and the pride he felt when he was sworn in. He encouraged the graduating class to “take the oath seriously because you will be held to a higher standard, both professionally and personally.” Lt. Dyson reminded the graduates to “have compassion and respect when dealing with the public. Usually when law enforcement is called, they are not having their best day. You never know where people are in their life.” Dyson inspired everyone with his words of encouragement and reflection.

Recent graduates with Sheriff Darren Campbell

Marty Byers, Assistant Director of Basic Law Enforcement Training, presented the following awards: Highest grade point average, Angela Thompson and Firearms award, Sean Rowe who won by a mere 0.3% of a point. Todd Carver, director of basic law enforcement training, presented the certificates to the graduates.

Mooresville Chief Ron Campurciani speaks with fellow officers and family members.

Jacob Welborn and Angela Thompson. Karen Cortez-Tapia and Daniel Marin will join Statesville Police Department. Griffin Kent, Shawn Rowe, Isaac Creasy, Steven Leaird, Nicholas Wheeler will all join Iredell County Sheriff’s Department. Ashley Suggs, Austin Pille and Alexander Spaugh will all join Mooresville Police Department with Chief Ron Campurciani.

Author: Heather Gessler