Swimmer rescued from Lake Norman



On 10/11/2014 at 849 pm a call came into communications about a person swimming in the lake near Greyfriairs Rd in Mooresville. Deputy Patrick Irwin from the Iredell County Cops unit responded and spoke with the caller who stated that a man swam up to the caller and asked which way did he need to go to swim to denver. The caller then told Deputy Irwin that the man then got back into the lake and swam off. Deputy John Fletcher and Deputy Justin Carroll then arrived on scene and all three Deputies began looking in the water and were unable to see him from the shore. Deputies Irwin, Fletcher, and Carroll then went to surrounding houses that were on the waterfront in attempt to locate the man but were unsusessful. Lt. Doyle Summers then arrived on scene and contacted Deputy Matt Burleyson who is a Lake Patrol Officer and Lake Norman Fire and Rescue in attempt to get a boat on the water to search. Deputy Burleyson and Lake Norman Fire and Rescue were able to get both boats on the water and began to search the area. At this time the subject had been in the water for over four hours. While searching the area, Deputy Burleyson was able to hear someone yelling hey. Deputy Burleyson then started going towards the voice and located the man in the middle of the lake treading water. Lake Norman Fire and Rescue came to Deputy Burleyson’s location and was able to secure the man on their boat. The man was discovered to be a Michael Allen Vercio (37) of Denver North Carolina. Iredell County EMS then checked Mr. Vercio’s vital signs and checked him for any injuries sustained. Mr. Vercio’s body tempurature and dropped dangerously low and EMS stated that if he would have been in the water any longer he might not have survived. After being cleared by EMS Deputy Irwin escorted Mr. Vercio to a location and released Mr. Vercio to his parents.

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