Suspect arrested in Cornelius bank robbery

Milandra Constant Picture courtesy of the Cornelius Police Department
Milandra Constant
Picture courtesy of the Cornelius Police Department


On December 29, 2014 the Cornelius Police Department responded to an armed robbery at the Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union, 20221 West Catawba Avenue. The suspect, wearing a disguise, pointed a handgun at the teller then obtained money and left on foot. Responding officers located a bicycle and a sum of cash behind a shopping center nearby, and witnesses said a silver minivan had been parked in that area.

Prior to this robbery, Cornelius Police responded to a bomb threat at the YMCA on the east side of Town. Police suspected this bomb threat was a diversion to pull police officers away from the area of the robbery. Police used video surveillance footage to locate a minivan in the area of the bomb threat matching the same description of the vehicle the witness described as seen parked behind the shopping center where the cash and bicycle were found. This same vehicle was also found in the area of the bank at the time of the robbery. The license plate of this minivan was captured through surveillance video and is registered in Delaware. From this information Cornelius Police, with the assistance of the Maryland State Police and the FBI, located and detained the vehicle and a suspect in Maryland.

This suspect, Milandra Constant, an accomplice in the robbery, is being charged with Robbery with a Dangerous Weapon of the Carolinas Telco Federal Credit Union and Making a False Bomb Report at the YMCA. Cornelius Police detectives are still in Maryland as of this release and the investigation is continuing with more charges expected.

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