Supreme Court – 2020 voters and any pending litigation

We have received a, one, question pertaining the election lawsuits that are and have been discussed via some of the programs on News/Talk WSIC.   “How can you talk about election law suits when they are all done?”   Because, they are not all completed.

To be clear, we all care for accurate reporting on the continuing law suits pertaining to the 2020 Nov Election; and we all care for accurate rules for voting and counting of our votes.   There are election lawsuits still pending before the United States Supreme Court.  If anyone is telling you anything different, ask them to look up these cases and to properly report on them.  They will NOT be decided anytime soon.     This is not a conspiracy, not an attempt to overthrow anyone, not an attempt to upset people, not an attempt of promoting a particular issue, we are reporting the accurate and factual news of cases pending before the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Here are the links we find as of the date of this article, if you find any subsequent factual updates on the status of these pending Supreme Court Cases, please let us know so we can continue to provide accurate reporting.

It is also mentioned by some lawyers that it appears the Supreme Court’s website may or may not be updated on a daily basis, so keep that in consideration when searching.

Election Cases still before the Supreme Court of the United States:
(as of 1-12-2021)

This link is a Non-partisan group that tracks legal cases, but always look closely at the dates:

Author: Mark Sanger