Suicide avoided with help from authorities



Statesville NC:    On Thursday morning March 6, 2014 at 6AM, Statesville Police received a call about a person being on the Broad St. Bridge over I-77.  Upon arrival, officers discovered a male that was distraught and upset, and had climbed to the other side of the bridge railing.  The man was threatening to jump from the bridge.

At that point, Statesville Fire, Iredell EMS, NC State Highway Patrol, Iredell Rescue all responded to the scene.  The East Broad St. Bridge was shut down as well as both north and south bound lanes of I-77.

Officers, fire personnel, and EMS personnel all worked together in attempts to talk to the individual.  In a coordinated effort, tractor trailer trucks and rescue vehicles were placed directly under the bridge.

After about 1 hour, emergency personnel were able to convince the man to come back over the bridge railing, and seek help.  The man did climb back over and he was then taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

This coordinated, rapid response by all emergency personnel resulted in a positive conclusion to this incident, and no one was injured.

Traffic was quickly released on East Broad St. and I-77.

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Author: WSIC editor

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