Study shows gyms pose minimal transmission risk. So why are they closed?


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New York Times: “Researchers found no coronavirus infections among thousands of people allowed to return to their gyms”
Raleigh, N.C. – Is there any amount of science and data that will convince Gov. Cooper to change course on a decision?
An experiment in Oslo, Norway that has received international attention concluded, “Provided good hygiene and social distancing measures, there was no increased COVID-19 spread at training facilities.”
The researchers further cautioned, “It is important to restrict unnecessary closure of training facilities to prevent societal downsides of the epidemic and negative effects on health and wellbeing.”
The New York Times story noted that, during the course of the study, Oslo’s new case count was relatively low. The Times quoted a professor of medicine interpreting the results, “This shows us that low-prevalence environments are safe for gyms and probably just about everything else…It is very unlikely you will get infected.”
Some parts of North Carolina have seen large increases in confirmed cases over recent weeks. But the majority of confirmed cases are in less than 10% of counties. In 52 counties, confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic are still below 300.
Senator Todd Johnson (R-Union) said, “It makes no sense for the Governor to prohibit people in, for example, Graham County, which has had nine total cases since March, from exercising at the gym. The cost in mental and physical health of keeping gyms closed in a county with nine cases far outweighs the miniscule risk of viral transmission in that area.”

Author: WSIC editor