Sheriffs Office: ex-boyfriend pawned stolen ring

Craig Martin Just, Jr. – picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office

PRESS RELEASE – Sheriff Darren Campbell stated on 2/20/15 a report was filed with the Sheriff’s Office of a larceny of jewelry from the Danbury neighborhood just off Jane Sowers road in Statesville.  The victim reported the larceny to the Sheriff’s Office, and stated she had discovered that she was missing a ring from her home worth over three thousand dollars.  The Victim stated that there had been no forced entry that she was aware of to her residence.  Deputies responded to the residence, and began an investigation.  With the Detective Division assisting in the investigation.

During the investigation Detectives began to consider possible suspects who had access to the stolen ring. They soon discovered that Craig Martin Just, Jr.; a former boyfriend of the victim, had pawned a ring at local business in Statesville on 1/22/15.

The ring that was pawned matched the description given by the victim as the ring that she had stolen.  It was later confirmed the ring that Craig Martin Just, Jr. pawned was indeed the ring that was stolen from the victim.

The ring was recovered by Detectives, and returned to the victim.  Warrants were taken out against Craig Martin Just, Jr.

On 2/23/15 Craig Martin Just, Jr. was arrested and charged with one count of Felony Larceny and one count of Obtaining Property by False Pretenses.  Craig Just was given a $5,000.00 Secured Bond by Magistrate M C Nethken and has a pending court date in Statesville.

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