Statesville “Worship in The Park” Event Draws Citizens from Around the State


On Sunday, August 2nd a rally was held in MLK Jr. park in Statesville. According to Chris Thompson, Senior Pastor at South River Baptist, hundreds were in attendance. Citizens came from the local community as well as surrounding counties like Rowan and Mecklenburg, but there was a large presence from Wake County. Worship in the park featured candidate for Lt. Governor Mark Robinson speak.

According to Pastor Thompson, this isn’t the first time his church has held events in the community. I spoke with Pastor Thompson on the phone Monday afternoon. He told me the church has found many ways to serve and minister in the community even as COVID-19 is around. He talked about church members helping to pack food bags for needy children as the virus has forced many churches to close or cancel their food backpack programs. Despite the closings and cancellations of the programs, he says there is still a need and there is still neglected children.

Thompson went on to tell me he believes the government doesn’t exist to tell us what to do, that they are there to serve us. He said like his church, they should ask what can we do to help the community.

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Author: Margaret Beveridge