Statesville seeking public input for transportation plan



2016-05-20StatesvilleMovesThe City of Statesville’s concentrated efforts to develop a long range transportation plan has reached its most critical point – the need for the public’s participation.

A special community workshop has been set for Thursday, June 2 to allow citizens, business owners, outdoor enthusiasts, developers and anyone interested in the future of transportation in Statesville to let their ideas, likes, dislikes and priorities be known.

The drop-in session will be held at the Statesville Civic Center from 5:30-7:30 p.m. and will be lead by City staff and representatives from Kimley-Horn, the engineering design firm hired by the City to oversee this transportation planning project. There will be six stations for participants to visit where they will not only learn about the transportation study and Statesville’s unique issues, but will be asked to share their own visions, help prioritize projects and critique the current traffic situation. There will be maps, hand-outs and lots of opportunity to ask questions and provide input.

What is different about this study from the City’s last transportation plan 20 years ago is the addition of plans for bike lanes and paths, pedestrian needs, roadways of all sizes and even public transportation.

The plan also focuses on specific corridors and areas where growth is expected to occur. Its thoroughness and inclusion of all sections of Statesville make the upcoming workshop important for every citizen.

Transportation plans are needed to guide growth, obtain funding and attract new industry, business and residents. Kimley-Horn will fuse the public’s input with the proposed plan so that the Management Team, made up of representatives from Kimley-Horn, City staff, elected officials and other key volunteers, can finalize a plan to present to City Council for adoption by the end of the year.

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