Statesville raises taxes 4.5%, lower than originally planned




Statesville City Council set the 2018-2019 tax rate at 48.11 cents, a 2.11-cent increase over the current tax rate. Several motions were offered as Council Member Michael Johnson attempted to get 100% funding for a career development plan for fire and police departments. Council Members Steve Johnson, John Staford, C.O. Johnson and Doris Allison voted against his motions, with Council Members William Morgan, Roy West, Keith Williams and Michael Johnson voting in favor. Mayor Costi Kutteh voted against several of Michael Johnson’s motions until a compromise was reached. The use of contingency funds was suggested as a way to fund 75% of the career development plan and both Michael Johnson and Kutteh voted for the plan.

Finance Director Ralph Staley will present the details of the revised budget in the near future.

Council voted unanimously to hire former Iredell County Manager Ron Smith as Statesville’s next City Manager.

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