Statesville phasing-in new trash collection system




Beginning this year, Statesville is phasing in a fully automated garbage collection system. The City recently purchased an automated garbage collection truck which is already in operation. In addition, about 2,000 customers will soon receive new garbage carts better suited for the new truck.

The new garbage carts will be delivered beginning mid-December. Please note that not every customer will receive a new cart, as the City has been using the newer style carts to replace worn out or damaged carts for the past several years. All of the older carts will be replaced in the coming years as automated collection is phased in City-wide.
Customers receiving a new cart may keep the old cart, if desired, to use for yard waste only. Garbage or recycling placed in the old carts will not be collected. If a customer does not wish to keep their old cart for yard waste, the City will pick it up at no charge. To request pick up of an old cart, call 704-878-3415.

The new automated system requires customers to follow these guidelines:

1. Only City-issued or City-approved 96-gallon containers will be serviced. Do not place trash in boxes or unapproved containers or stack trash items beside the cart.

2. The cart should be in the right-of-way within 2 feet of the curb.

3. The container’s handle should face the house.

4. The container should be 3 feet from any other object , including the recycling cart, a vehicle, mailbox, utility pole, tree or other containers.

5. The City will continue to pick up yard waste and other large items such as furniture, but they must be placed three feet from the container. Do not prop them up beside the container.

6. Please place all trash items in plastic bags before placing in the cart. (Wind and improper placement of the curb can cause carts to overturn, strewing trash throughout the street and yard.)

7. Bags should fit down in the cart so that the lid is open no more than six inches. Do not overload the cart.

8. Residents are allowed a maximum of 2 carts for garbage collection. A second City-approved cart may be purchased for $61.25 by calling 704-878-3415. Remember, the blue recycling carts are for recyclables only.

The City began using an automated collection system with similar guidelines when it implemented single stream recycling in 2014. The system works well even though there has been a learning curve for the public as they adjust to new guidelines and placement of the carts on the curb.

Although the automated garbage truck isn’t currently used on every route, all residents are asked to follow the new guidelines in an effort to expedite the transition.

“We are trying to educate residents as quickly and easily as possible on the correct way to place the carts on the curb,” explained Sanitation Division Superintendent Fred Morrison. Green tags are tied on the carts when necessary to help explain the guidelines. “It speeds up pick-up when the carts are placed on the curb correctly. Otherwise, the driver has to get out of the truck and reposition the cart. It defeats the purpose of the automated system.”

Additional automated trucks are scheduled to be purchased in the coming years, as all residential garbage collection is converted to automated pick up. Once fully implemented, automated garbage collection is expected to save upwards of $200,000 in annual operating costs. The transition to the automated system will not result in the layoff of any current Sanitation employees.

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