Statesville PD: Suspect consumed marijuana before arrest



Members of the special operations team conducting patrol in signal hill mall area. At this time they observed white Honda in front mall parking lot with 4 occupants. A person came to the window and walked away a very short time later. Indicative of possible drug activity. Officers parked their unmarked car behind them. One of the officers who was wearing police clothing marked with police approached and upon knocking on the driver’s window,the driver quickly reached into the floor and then quickly began to drive away. The officer then had to move quickly to avoid being hit by the vehicle. The driver then stopped about 2 rows over. All occupants were removed from the vehicle due to a possible weapon being hidden by the driver. Officers immediately smelled a strong odor of marijuana. It was discovered that the driver, Israel Corder had eaten the marijuana. Corder was arrested and taken before a magistrate. He has been charged with assault with deadly weapon on LEO. poss of marijuana. Given a 7,500 secured bond.

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