Statesville officials meet with Lowe’s to discuss aviation move


Picture above courtesy of Lowe’s

STATESVILLE, NC (WSIC) – City of Statesville officials met with Lowe’s Monday to discuss the company’s decision to move its corporate aviation hangar to Charlotte Douglas.

City Manager Ron Smith, Airport Manager John Ferguson and City Council member William Morgan met with the retailer at its Mooresville headquarters. According to a city statement, Lowe’s indicated the decision was based on corporate needs and that it had no issues with Statesville or the airport.

The City of Statesville says it was not contacted by Lowe’s ahead of the announcement.

“We were definitely caught off guard with this news,” City of Statesville Manager Ron Smith said in an earlier statement.

After hearing rumors of a move earlier this year, Smith and Airport Manager John Ferguson reached-out to Lowe’s “numerous” times to discuss the situation. The city first learned of the official announcement when it was reported by the media.

“Our calls were never returned,” says Smith. “We were anxious to meet with them, and would have done as much as possible to keep them at the Statesville Airport.”

Lowe’s tells WSIC in a statement it has signed a lease with the City of Charlotte. According to spokesperson Maureen Wallace, the company is making the change since a number of its senior leaders reside in the queen city and most of its corporate meetings take place there.

Lowe’s plans to remain at the Statesville location for the next 12 to 14 months.

“We are going to work with them over that time to approve a tenant that they would like to assume the building,” says City Manager Ron Smith.

“We are committed to helping ensure a smooth transition in Statesville and are working with the regional airport to facilitate conversations with a number of interested parties,” said Wallace in the company’s statement.