Statesville fireworks salesman impaled by 2×4 when tent crashes-down in storm


Pictured above: Damages and clean-up at a Broad Street fireworks stand in Statesville after Monday evening’s storm caused the tent to blow down – Pictures courtesy of Renee Griffith

STATESVILLE, NC (WSIC) – A man selling fireworks was impaled by a two-by-four when a tent crashed-down during Monday evening’s severe weather.

Jim Landis was manning his family’s tent in the Signal Hill Mall parking lot on East Broad Street when the storm arrived.  He lost teeth and was struck in the back of the head. His face was cut from his earlobe to the edge of his mouth. Renee Griffith is a relative and says they’re thankful for complete strangers who stopped to help.

Landis was released from the hospital Monday night. The fireworks stand is back in business. It’s a yearly tradition and a fundraiser for Cornerstone Church.