Statesville drops $25 fee for storm-related debris



Statesville City crews are working throughout the City to pick up and haul the limbs and yard debris left from last week’s ice storm.  The process will go a lot quicker if the guidelines for limb pick-up are followed:

  •  Limbs should be cut into lengths of three to four feet and placed on the curb.
  • Limbs and branches more than ten inches in diameter should be placed in a separate pile on the curb.
  • Do not mix leaves and limbs.
  • Do not place large piles of debris under electric lines.
  • Be considerate of traffic and pedestrians – streets and sidewalks should not be blocked if at all possible.

Scott Harrell, Interim Public Works Director, indicated that for the next two weeks, the $25 fee, usually charged for large amount of debris, will be waived for storm-related debris only.

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