Statesville company to create 89 new jobs with headquarters consolidation


Pictured above: Badger Sportswear – Picture courtesy of the Iredell Economic Development Corporation


Iredell County, NC- Badger Sportswear will invest $3,683,802 into its Statesville facility by adding machinery and equipment to accommodate increased sales. The company is currently located at 111 Badger Lane, Statesville, NC 28625. This project will consolidate their operations from two other states and create 82 new jobs.

Badger Sportswear is a leading provider of superior-quality team uniforms and performance athletic wear. Recently, Badger Sportswear acquired Alleson Athletic and Garb Athletics to combine the strengths of these brands to offer more products to the team dealers, decorators and collegiate bookstores.

“We’re excited to consolidate our headquarters in NC and continue our growth in the area,” said David Binley, Chief Operating Officer at Badger Sportswear. “The pro-business climate at the local, county and state level combined with access to talent were all factors in our decision to invest in the area.”

Iredell County Board and City of Statesville Council approved an industrial development incentive in accordance to their related policies for Badge Sportswear in open session the first week of April under Project Sport.

Badger Sportswear will be facilitated, in part, by a building reuse grant from the North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) of $300,000 that will support the renovation of a 343,184-square-foot building occupied by the company.

“Assisting local companies, like Badger Sportswear that were established in Statesville in 1971, is vital to cultivating growth and attracting talent to Statesville,” said Mayor Costi Kutteh, City of Statesville.

“Badger Sportswear’s continued growth in Statesville and selecting here as their headquarters location shows their commitment to this community. It was a true team effort getting this project to the finish line. We are proud to be a part of that,” said Chris Younger, Vice President, Business Development Iredell County Economic Development Corporation.

Partners involved in the project include; The North Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority, North Carolina Department of Commerce, Community College System, Iredell County, City of Statesville, Iredell County Economic Development Corporation.

Iredell County Economic Development Corporation is a private, non-profit corporation dedicated to economic prosperity in Iredell County. Striving to increase the non-residential tax base by encouraging the creation of jobs and investment, through industrial and commercial recruitment, retention and expansion.

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