Statesville City Council to consider special tax district for Woods Drive dam


WoodsDriveThe Statesville City Council will consider establishing a special tax district tonight to deal with the Woods Drive dam.

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The state ordered Dillon’s Pond lowered in 2013 after a leak was found. According to the City, the cost to fix the problem and restore the pond is one-hundred twenty-eight thousand. The City is proposing that residents contribute a total of six thousand for repairs and thirty-six hundred annually for maintenance. Contributions would be based on tax values.

Edrie Knight is not happy about the added expense but is willing to pay if it gets the pond back. (I’d rather have the lake here and pay the penalty for the next… I don’t see how we could possibly have to pay for it for the rest of our lives, just to live here).

If the plan goes through, she would pay just over five hundred dollars for the one time repair cost and about three hundred dollars a year after that.