Statesville changes requirements for new utility customers, drops extension limits



WSIC file photo

City Council approved revisions to the services policy that will change the required deposit from a two-month average to one month. They also agreed to allow customers to sign up for the equal payment plan if they have no prior month balances outstanding. Council was unanimous on their approval.

The staff’s recommendation to reduce the cost of an extension to $10 was changed to require no cost for an extension. The new policy will be that there is no cost for and no limit to the number of extensions. There was a split vote on this vote, 5-3, with Steve Johnson, John Staford and Roy West voting against the motion.

Mayor Costi Kutteh broke a tie vote on the first reading of an ordinance to approve the annexation of property at 2474 Shelton Ave. Council member Steve Johnson advised Council against the annexation without first conducting a small area development plan for the NC 21 corridor with the County and Troutman. Doris Allison, C.O. Johnson and John Stafford voted with Steve Johnson to deny the annexation. Mayor Kutteh voted in favor of the annexation. The property owner requested annexation in order to tie on to City water.

All of the other matters were approved unanimously, including prohibiting parking on Radio Rd. from 100 feet north of Virginia Ave. to the Radio Rd. bridge on both sides of the roadway. Council approved the purchase of a new leaf collection truck.

There were 12 speakers during the public comment period, speaking on topics ranging from needed improvements to the sidewalks in the Signal Hill Mall area, downtown crosswalks, electric bills and minority business issues. Several people talked about the recent event at Martin Luther King Jr. Park and the benefits of being a part of P.A.C.T. (Police and Community Together)

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