Statesville Asks Residents to Conserve Water in Wake of Water Plant Emergency


The City of Statesville is asking residents to voluntarily limit their water usage after mechanical issues at the Water Treatment Plant this weekend has reduced the plant’s ability to pump water out into the City’s water system.

The problems are expected to be repaired by Wednesday, but in the meantime, residents are asked to refrain from:

  • Watering shrubs and lawns
  • Washing vehicles
  • Washing off patios, sidewalks and driveways
  • Unnecessary laundry
  • (Please continue to wash your hands! This issue is in no way related to COVID-19)

Currently, the City’s water system can meet the basic needs of our customers and there is no impact to the quality of the water.  However, to ensure everyone has water for their basic needs, officials are asking residents and businesses to voluntarily reduce their non-essential water usage.

This does not affect the customers of Iredell Water Corporation inside the City limits.