“Standing” – if a State has no standing in the US Supreme Court, who does?

If you are a true thinker like Justice Alito and Justice Thomas, you are asking, “If a state has no “standing” to bring a suit about another state’s potential false elections, who does?”

Here are some insights from a lawyer we spoke with:

“”Three immediate thoughts on Texas v. Pennsylvania:

  1. If Texas lacks standing, then the Constitution is a contract with no enforcement mechanism. What good is it?
  2. If states may not sue each other — even when the Constitution places original jurisdiction in the Supreme Court — then there’s no reason Texas should not immediately name 300 Trump electors. What could anyone do?
  3. Perhaps more practically, the states should immediately refile under the Ku Klux Klan Act, in which there is longstanding case law requiring the Supreme Court to take the case in almost exactly this situation.

This is a terrible blow, not to the case or to Trump, but the the possibility of any future free election whatsoever.””

Find US Supreme Court ruling here, procedural “no standing.”


Ku Klu Klan Act here: https://history.house.gov/HistoricalHighlight/Detail/15032451486

Author: Mark Sanger