SPD: Baked goods that sickened emergency room staffers contained cannabis/THC oil

WSIC File Photo


On Sunday evening March 19th, 2017, Statesville Police responded to Davis Regional Medical Center for an incident in which employees had become ill after eating baked goods brought in by an employee. It was discovered that 6 employees became ill. Those employees were immediately treated in the Emergency Department. Other staff members took over for those affected employees, and patient care was in no way compromised. It was learned after testing that the employees had ingested THC in some form. It was learned that all 6 of the employees had eaten some of the cookies/muffins that the employee had brought in.

Statesville Police Investigators arrived on scene and began to follow up with the situation. It was learned that an employee had brought in some cookies and muffins earlier that morning. The investigation revealed that a family member of that employee had baked the goods the night before and used a Cannabis/THC oil in the cookies and muffins. The employee saw these items the next morning in the kitchen and brought them to work, not knowing the illicit contents were in the baked goods. The family member did not intend for their relative to take the baked goods to work with them.

The facts of this case were presented to the District Attorney’s office, and it was determined that the employee will not face charges for the incident, because the employee was completely unaware of the Cannabis in the baked goods, unknowingly bringing the items to work.

No names are being released due to no charges being filed in this incident.

Statement from Davis Regional Medical Center

On Sunday, March 19, baked goods created by an outside source were brought into our ER and several employees consumed them. The department director recognized the situation and took action to alert authorities and treat the affected employees. Patient care was not impacted. The police investigation determined the individual who brought the baked goods was not aware of the marijuana and found the incident to be accidental. We are committed to providing patients with safe care and appreciate the timely action of our director to manage the situation.

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