Snapchat picture nets suspension, weapon found at WIHS

WSIC File Photo


This morning at West Iredell High School, while the JROTC was rehearsing drills, one of the students placed his practice (decommissioned) rifle on the bleachers in the gym. Another student photographed the practice rifle and placed the photo on Snapchat. While there was no threat communicated, this act violates The West Iredell High School Code of Conduct and this student has been disciplined. Acts that shock the social conscience will not be tolerated.

A second incident occurred late this morning. Students reported to administration that a student was not in compliance with the Code of Conduct. While this student was being questioned about the reported behavior, it was deemed appropriate to investigate the student’s vehicle which was parked on campus. A weapon was discovered and this student has been disciplined to the fullest extent allowable by the District. This matter has been turned over to the Iredell County Sheriff’s office and the investigation is ongoing..

According to Gordon Palmer, Principal at West Iredell High School “The administration took immediate action and the school day proceeded without interruption. Our students and staff are safe. I appreciate the response of my staff and the Iredell County Sheriff’s Department to this situation.”

Iredell-Statesville Schools ask that all parents take the time to discuss with their children the serious consequences that actions such as these will bring. Any incident that may jeopardize or threaten to jeopardize the safety of our students and staff are taken very seriously. Please do not let these incidents pass by without making this a platform for a discussion about school safety and appropriate conduct. Encourage your children to “See Something – Say Something” while the schools and the District will do everything possible to keep staff and students safe.

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