Sheriff’s Office: Suspected home accident leaves 2 dead



133 Fairway Drive
Bermuda Run, NC

Wayne E. Heitz 72

Barbara Dederick 74

On Monday December 15, 2014 Deputies responded to this address in reference to a requested welfare check from out of state at 11am. Deputies could not get any response from inside the residence and while checking the exterior of the residence a Deputy noticed what appeared to be blood on an interior wall. Entry was made into the house where Deputies located Heitz deceased and Dederick in critical condition. Dederick was transported to Baptist hospital where she died on Tuesday December 16, 2014. She was never able to speak with Law Enforcement.

The Davie County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate and autopsies will be performed on both Heitz and Dederick. It is not believed at this time that there are any other persons involved or that any criminal activity took place. Investigators believe that there was an accident in the home causing Heitz’s death which placed Dederick in a position where she could not request assistance.

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