Sheriff’s Office: Man accidentally messaged deputy trying to sell drugs he didn’t have


Pictured above: Darius Torrence and Donavan Paquette – Pictures courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated: On Tuesday, September 3, 2019 a quick thinking Iredell County Sheriff’s Office off-duty deputy notified Iredell County Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Investigators, after she received a Facebook message from Darius Jajuan Torrence stating he had Subutex for sale.

Our deputy engaged in a social media conservation with Darius Torrence about the sale of the Subutex during the course of this drug investigation. Torrence said he wanted to sell fifty Subutex for five dollars per strip. The deputy, with assistance from narcotics investigators, made arrangements to meet Torrence at the Loves Truck Stop located at 229 Mocksville Highway.

Deputies T. Lowthorp and, Deputy H. Pennell were in the area of Mocksville Highway, when they observed a vehicle pull in the parking lot matching the vehicle description Torrence said he would be in.

Deputy Pennell stopped the vehicle. He met with the driver, Darius Torrence, and a passenger Donavan Eli Lucien Paquette.

After further investigation it was determined, Torrence never had the Subutex, and he admitted that he was going take the persons money. Torrence was questioned about the person he was messaging, and if he knew he was messaging a law enforcement officer. He said he was unaware the person was a deputy.

When the deputies questioned Paquette, he said he gave Torrence 140.00 dollars to contribute to buying the Subutex. Paquette said they drove to the Loves Truck Stop to get money so Torrence could have enough money to purchase the Subutex from a pharmacy.

Darius Jajuan Torrence, and Donavan Eli Lucien Paquette were transported to Iredell County Detention Center. Torrence was charged with Felony Conspiracy Sell and Deliver Schedule III (Subutex), and Attempting Obtaining Property False Pretense. Magistrate P. Tutterrow issued Torrence a 7,500.00 dollars secured bond.

Paquette was charged with Felony Conspiracy Sell and Deliver Schedule III (Subutex), and served an outstanding Order for Arrest for Failure to Appear on Driving While License revoked and Displaying Fictitious Tag. Paquette was given a 6,000.00 dollars secured bond by Magistrate P. Tutterrow.

Sheriff Campbell added, “From our past experiences in narcotics investigations, we have seen people who engage in drug sales, or alleged drug sales like in this matter, arrange to meet the unsuspecting drug buyers, only to take their money, and drive away or rob them by force after they have met. Our deputy thinking, and acting fast last night helped possibly save someone from getting robbed”.

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Author: WSIC editor