Sheriff’s Office: Father accused of killing 3 & 4 year-old sons has died

Shawn Fuller with his two boys. Source: Facebook
Shawn Fuller with his two boys.
Source: Facebook

The man accused by the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office of killing his three and four year-old sons before shooting himself has died from his injuries, according to law enforcement.

The Sheriff’s Office indicated that Fuller died at Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte sometime between Wednesday night and Thursday morning as a result of complications from his injuries.

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Below is an earlier report from WSIC describing the case.

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Shawn Fuller is accused by the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office of killing his sons Josiah and Uriah before trying to take his own life.

Sheriff Darren Campbell says they’re still unsure of the motive.

(AUDIO: Sheriff Darren Campbell): “We did receive two calls – one from the suspect’s brother and also from his wife. We have determined pretty much that all the shots were fired prior to the first nine-one-one call. We do know that he was on the phone with another individual at the time that the incident took place and he had made the statement he had killed his son and was going to kill law enforcement.”

Campbell says there had been an altercation between Fuller and his wife before the shooting and that alcohol was involved.

(AUDIO: Sheriff Darren Campbell): “He had assaulted her and they had an altercation and she had fled the house. She made on the nine-one-one call that he had had her gun. Or, had taken her gun.”

NC law does not allow open access to pistol permitting information, however, Campbell says their investigation shows no evidence of Fuller having one. He cautions that would only apply to the purchase of a firearm.

If and when Fuller begins to recover, the Sheriff’s Office has plans to serve two murder warrants. As of yesterday afternoon, he was not in a condition to speak.

Regardless of who’s accused of doing what, the situation is obviously tragic. Campbell says counseling services will be available to those who were involved.

(AUDIO: Sheriff Darren Campbell): “Words can’t explain just like with the responding deputies. We were all out there early that morning and processing the crime scene. You know it’s shock. It’s how could anybody be this horrible, how could you do this to your own children or any children for that mater of fact. So it’s definitely going to be tough on all of us and you know we’ve got to be sure as the people here at the office, make sure that we look after our deputies and everybody else and if they need help, we’ll get them that help. Do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for them.”

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