Schlesinger recused, still no decision on Love’s site plan

Doctor Michael Schlesinger has been recused from Monday's vote on a site plan for the proposed Love's truck stop.
Doctor Michael Schlesinger was recused from voting on the site plan for the proposed Love’s truck stop 

The Statesville City Council spent about four hours on the site plan for the proposed Love’s Truck Stop last night, but didn’t get to make a decision.

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The hearing was placed in recess until next Monday when testimony from those against the truck stop will be heard.

(AUDIO: Well, I think bringing jobs to Statesville is very important,  but i think you have to look at the big picture, and I’m trying to look a the big picture about how it’s going to impact the area miles away from that immediate location). – Evelyn Funderburk 
Evelyn Funderburk who lives off Bell Farm Road. Not everyone is conceded the truck stop will hurt the area surrounding the site – located at the corner of Highway 64 and Old Mocksville Road.

Cynthia Nesbit Clark is a retired police officer.

(AUIDO: I don’t think it will affect it at all.  They have all these other business around there.  They have a tire company down below that sells tires). – Cynthia Nesbit Clark

Last night’s testimony and discussion focused around entrances and exits into the facility, site layout, traffic impact and the buffer between Love’s and the animal hospital. Before hearing testimony, council members voted to recuse Doctor Schlesinger in a four two vote.

Love’s asked that he not be allowed to vote on the site plan because of his opposition to the project. Councilmen Roy West and Michael Johnson voted against the recusal.

Author: WSIC editor