Salisbury man arrested in Iredell one day after prison release

David Pope – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


Sheriff Darren Campbell stated the Zip N Go Convenience Store at 2013 Charlotte Hwy in Mooresville reported a larceny of cigarettes, a lighter, and a drink at 6:09 hours on Saturday morning. Responding deputies met the suspect vehicle, a Dodge pickup truck, traveling north on Charlotte Hwy.

Deputy C Little and Deputy J Buzard turned around on the Dodge truck and ran the license plate which was the same plate given by the store clerk. The tag on the Dodge truck came back to the NC Department of Agriculture.

Deputies attempted to stop the Dodge truck; however, after activating blue lights and siren the suspect would not stop. The suspect vehicle continued with Deputies pursuing, north on Charlotte Hwy in to Troutman. Deputy D Caskaddon deployed stop sticks which the suspect vehicle ran over. The suspect continued on turning left on to Old Mountain Road. Both front tires on the suspect vehicle shredded while traveling up Old Mountain Road but the vehicle traveled on with Deputies still pursuing. Once the suspect was on Old Mountain Road Lieutenant B.A. Marshall deployed stop sticks which the suspect vehicle ran over and the left rear tire shredded however the vehicle continued to travel up Old Mountain Road. State Trooper S. Stevenson deployed stop sticks on Old Mountain Road; the truck ran over the stop sticks for a third time, but still continued on Old Mountain Road. Just before the Alexander County line the suspect vehicle turned left on to Cain Road which dead ends. The suspect truck pulled in to a driveway at the end of the road and stopped.

The driver, David Pope, was removed from the vehicle and arrested. On Friday, David Pope, was released from prison after serving numerous years for a sex offense.

The Dodge truck was stolen from Rowan County which will be charging Pope later. David Brandon Pope received a $25,000 secured bond.

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