Rowan Sheriff’s Office releases information on man accused in Iredell chases

Curtis Dalton Junior – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office


At about 8:20am this morning, Deputies from the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to 2335 Phifer Rd., Cleveland, NC to respond to what was initially reported by the caller to be a home invasion. Deputies arrived on the scene and met with the caller, Harley Joe Dalton, of the 2335 Phifer Rd. address. Deputies quickly determined that there had not been a home invasion at this location, but that a cousin of Harley Joe Dalton had pointed a rifle at him. The suspect in this incident, a Curtis Luther Dalton, Jr., a 28 year old white male that resides at 4075 Third Creek Church Rd., Cleveland, NC, had left the area prior to the arrival of Deputies.

RCSO Deputies continued to question the caller, Harley Joe Dalton, and were able to determine that this incident was related to an event that occurred last night. Harley advised that he had received a text last night from his cousin Curtis, and that Curtis had stated that he was going to do harm to himself. Harley advised that he went to go locate Curtis, and was able to locate him at an address on Hobson Rd. Harley further stated that he took Curtis back to his home on Phifer Rd., and that the girlfriend of Curtis was also at his home on Phifer Rd. Harley said that while there, Curtis and the girlfriend got into an argument, and left the residence.

Curtis Dalton, Jr. later returned to Harley’s home at about 10pm, and was angry because Harley had taken firearms that belonged to Curtis to a safe location to prevent Curtis from gaining access to them. Apparently, while away, Curtis had located his weapons and had brought them along back to Harley’s home. Harley states that Curtis threatened him saying that he was going to shoot him in the kneecaps, but instead fired a shot that struck a window in Harley’s vehicle. During the disturbance, Harley states that Curtis fired 3 more shots from an unknown type long gun, possibly a .22 rifle, and that these shots hit the passenger side windshield of his car. Harley states that Curtis left again, with his girlfriend. Harley states that he tried to report the crimes to the Cleveland PD last night, but no one was there. However, Harley says he did not try to call 911??

Harley Dalton told Deputies that nothing else happened until Curtis returned to this morning and initially acted as if nothing had happened last night, however the two men did become involved in another argument. Harley states that Curtis then retrieved a rifle from his car, which was a black in color Nissan with Va. registration plates and pointed the rifle at him, all while making a cutting motion by dragging his thumb across his neck. Harley said that Curtis then left the scene in the black Nissan, at which time Harley called 911 to have the RCSO respond.

RCSO Deputies conducted a records check on Curtis Luther Dalton and found that he had been arrested in Virginia previously, over a period of years, and found that he was currently wanted in Virginia for additional felony charges. Curtis had a previous conviction in Rowan County District Court in 2014 for Obtaining Property by False Pretense. Investigators went to the Rowan County Magistrate and obtained warrants on Curtis Luther Dalton for 2 counts of Discharging a Firearm into Occupied Property, and for Possession of a Firearm by Felon.

Shortly after the warrants were obtained, Deputies learned that Iredell County Sheriff’s Office was in pursuit of Curtis Dalton in Iredell County. Dalton ended up wrecking the black Nissan when the vehicle was upturned in a creek, and he ran from that crash. Curtis Dalton was eventually apprehended by the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office after he had stolen an additional vehicle.

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