Rowan County Sheriff’s Office requests help in search for shooting suspect(s)


On 07/13/2020, at aprox 0140 hrs., the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office was called to respond to 312 Barbour St., Salisbury, NC in reference to shots being fired into a dwelling.  The residence was struck by at least one round, but may not have been the intended target.  The shooting occurred in the area of 315 Barbour St where several shell casing and live ammo were collected.  A suspect vehicle fled the scene, and crashed into a church van and a church bus located at the Damascus Emmanuel Pentecostal Church located at 306 Barbour St.  The suspects fled from the wrecked car, and when officers arrived a K-9 utilization was conducted but no one was located.  The vehicle was seized and towed to a secured lot.  Apparently no one was injured in this incident.

A search warrant was conducted at 315A and 315B Barbour St., and several boxes of empty and live ammo were located along with other items that belong to persons of interest.  A search warrant was also conducted on the seized suspect vehicle which was a gray 4 door 2017 Toyota Corolla.  Several items of evidence were seized from the car as well.  It is unknown who the shooter(s) were, however it is believed that the suspects may be tied to the recent shootings in Salisbury.  Anyone with information about this shooting is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-639-5245, 1st Sgt Ollie Greene 704-216-8686 or Detective Travis Allen 704-216-8715.