Primary 2018: Mallory, Houpe, Sawyer among winners



James Mallory, Gene Houpe and Marvin Norman received the most votes in Iredell’s Republican County Commissioner primary Tuesday.

Local businessman Scottie Brown was short 439 votes to the nearly 5,000 had by Marvin Norman. Based on Iredell’s Republican history for these seats, all three men probably have little to worry about come November when they will face Davidson resident Beth Kendall — the Democrat challenger.

Vickie Sawyer beat Bob Rucho in the Republican NC Senate district 34 primary with nearly 44 percent of the vote. On the Democrat side for that same district, Mitchell Community College professor Beniah McMiller also won with nearly 44 percent of the ballots — a margin of a little over 200 votes.

US House district 9 incumbent Robert Pittenger conceded to challenger Mark Harris.  Patrick McHenry wins the district 10 Republican primary and will face David Brown in November.

To the east, a former member of the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office will keep his post as Sheriff of Davie County. J.D. Hartman had nearly 60 percent of the ballots cast in a field of five contestants.

He originally got the job after Sheriff Andy Stokes stepped aside during his last term.

You can find more results by clicking HERE.

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