Portion of NC 150 closing in Mooresville Wednesday



On Wednesday, March 27, a portion of both the eastbound and westbound lanes of N.C. 150 will be closed, as Norfolk Southern Railway Company is planning to make an emergency repair to the railroad crossing at N.C. 150. The track repair location is about a half-mile east of the N.C. 115/N.C. 150 intersection and approximately three-quarters of a mile west of the N.C. 150/N.C. 801 intersection.

Traffic headed eastbound on N.C. 150 should turn left at N.C. 115/N.C. 150 and travel north on N.C. 115, then turn right on Mazeppa Road, turn right on Triplett Road, and finally, right on N.C. 801 South to N.C. 150. Those headed westbound can turn right at N.C. 801/N.C. 150, travel north on N.C. 801, turn left on Triplett Road, turn left on Mazeppa Road, and left on N.C. 115 South to N.C. 150.

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