Police: 3-county chase reached 120 MPH

Andrea McIlwan Picture courtesy of the Yadkinville Police Department
Andrea McIlwan
Picture courtesy of the Yadkinville Police Department


Yadkinville Police assisted in the arrest of a Winston-Salem robbery suspect last night after a twenty-eight (28) mile pursuit into Wilkes County.

Yadkinville Police officers were responding to assist Winston-Salem Police inbound to Yadkin County via US421 to deploy tire deflation devices. WSPD terminated their pursuit at the Yadkin County line (Mile Marker 249) and Yadkin County deputies were unable intercept the suspect vehicle in time.

The chase was re-initiated by Yadkinville Police Officers at the city limits of Yadkinville (Mile Marker 255).

Yadkinville Police officers reported speeds of 120 Mph and items being thrown from the suspect vehicle as they coordinated with Wilkes County deputies to deploy tire deflation devices at mile marker 281.

Wilkes County deputies successfully deployed tire deflation devices and the vehicle was disabled at about 2 miles further.

Yadkinville Police and Wilkes County deputies were able to arrest the driver, ANDREA DENARD MCILWAN, B/M, age 41 of Winston-Salem, NC for multiple criminal violations and warrants including absconding from probation. McIlwan was turned over to Wilkes County Deputies for processing.

Yadkin County deputies responded back to the area where Yadkinville Police officers reported items thrown from the suspect vehicle and located a black revolver pistol, which was seized as evidence.

Multiple criminal charges are being filed by Yadkinville and Yadkin Sheriff’s officers regarding the pursuit and weapons violations.

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Author: WSIC editor