Some Pine Forest residents in Statesville may be experiencing cloudy water

WSIC File Photo


Earlier today (Nov. 10), a hydrant in the Pine Forest Subdivision on E. Heart Pine and Planters Dr. was flowed for testing. Sediment at the bottom of this water main was stirred up and caused some residents to experience cloudy water when they turned on their spigots.

Statesville Water Maintenance crews cleared the line, but some customers may experience the cloudy water when they arrive home today and turn their spigot on for the first time since testing .

We are asking residential customers to do the following if they experience cloudy water:

Please run their COLD bathtub water for NO LONGER THAN 5 MINUTES (this will help them to clear it out of the service line to the house). If the water doesn’t clear, please call the Police non-emergency number at 704-878-3406 and a Water Maintenance employee will follow up.

The Pine Forest Sub Division includes the following roads: Carolinian Dr., History Ln., W. and E. Heart Pine Ln. and Planters Dr.

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