Pillow company relocates to Mooresville

Downtown Mooresville WSIC File Photo
Downtown Mooresville
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Mooresville, NC- Twin Z Pillow Company relocates headquarters and shipping operation from Amherst, New Hampshire to 122 Backstretch Lane, Mooresville, NC 28117.

The Twin Z Company was started in 2012. The idea of creating the Twin Z Pillow came to Michelle Barsosky after the birth of her twin girls. “This pillow wasn’t invented to start a new business, but to solve a very real problem that all parents of twins face on a daily basis and now we have a pillow for moms with one baby” said Michelle Barsosky, owner and entrepreneur of the Twin Z Pillow Company.

“Most moms are aware of nursing pillow, but there was nothing on the market that is comfortable for twins. Our pillows provide a unique back support unlike any other pillows on the market” said Michelle. This product has six different built in uses compared to the standard round shaped pillow and has received a consistent 5 star rating by customers.

Twin Z Pillow Company was featured on Shark Tank on March 6, 2015. Michelle and Jason Barsosky pitched their unique baby product and were able to strike a deal with Lori Greiner.

“We have seen great success after being featured on Shark Tank,” said Michelle. “Since recording Shark Tank, a little over a year ago, we have been able to diversify our product assortment to now offer our newest pillow, the One Z Pillow, for moms with one baby.”

The Twin Z Pillow Company chose to move to North Carolina to be closer to suppliers.

“We are excited to welcome this creative and innovating company to the Mooresville business community,” said Mayor Miles Atkins. “Our community cultivates the right environment for entrepreneurs like Michelle and Jason Barsosky to continue to grow their business.”

“The MSIEDC is looking forward to assisting this company as they relocate to Mooresville and Iredell County,” said Jessica Stewart, Existing Industry and Marketing Manager, Mooresville South Iredell Economic Development. “As I anticipate the birth of my first child, I am excited to use their newest product the One Z Pillow.”

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