One dead following Cooleemee dog attack



On Monday August 24, 2015 at 7:03 pm the Davie County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to 243 Clark Road. It was reported that a person was down in the yard at this residence and that a second person was being attacked by a dog. The Sheriff’s Office requested the assistance of the Cooleemee Police Department as they had a car closer to the call. A CPD Officer arrived on scene and found a dog actively attacking a female. The Officer shot the dog and the dog then stepped away from the female. The Officer shot the dog again. First aid was provided to the female victim and EMS arrived.

Officers found a female victim deceased on scene.

Cathy H. Wheatcraft W/F 48 years old
243 Clark Road Mocksville

One victim was transported to the hospital and is in stable condition.

Sheena Truesdale B/F 31 years old
230 Clark Road Mocksville

The Animal concerned is deceased. It was a pit bull owned by Latisha N. Young of 249 Clark Road. The Dog had been declared a nuisance animal from a previous incident in May 2015 where it left the owners property and got in a fight with another dog. Ms. Young was charged with failure to have her dogs vaccinated for rabies during this incident.

It appears that the dog was kept inside the house and escaped through a window, while the owner was not at home, sometime before attacking the two women.

Officers are continuing to investigate the incident at this time.

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