Victims identified in Lake Norman State Park incident

WSIC File Photo
WSIC File Photo


The Restrepo family party of seven hiked out to the point of a peninsula on the Alder Trail.  From there, it appears that one of the Restrepo children were playing on some rocks adjacent to the lake shore and/or wading in shallow water near these rocks.  We think that while playing, one of the children fell into the water resulting in several members of the family also entering the water to rescue this child.  At the edge of these rocks is a drop off into the lake.  It does not appear that the group was actively swimming before the incident, since all were still fully clothed after being rescued/recovered.

There was a good Samaritan bystander, Mr. Kenneth Goud, who was nearby fishing with his son.  He heard the commotion and responded to the location of the family.  Mr. Goud called 911 and handed his phone to Victor Restrepo, who was not in the water, to communicate with 911.  Mr. Goud was able to pull Samuel Restrepo, the five year old, from the water and begin CPR.  The CPR efforts were successful as Samuel was revived and transported to the hospital.

The fatalities:

Martin Alonso Restrepo, 11, his father, Alvaro, 54, and Alba E. Ramos, 62, all of Statesville, died Sunday.

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Three people are dead following a suspected drowning at Lake Norman State Park Sunday.

At least one other person was injured, although there are conflicting reports as to the exact number of people that were taken to the hospital,

The call for help was received as a possible drowning.  Names were not immediately available for release.

Injuries sustained by one person were not thought to be life threatening, according to the Iredell County Sheriff’s Officer.  That individual was taken to Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center in Winston-Salem for treatment.  One or more divers from local fire departments were being used to aid in the search for the missing individuals.

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