NY man accused of stealing from Iredell home

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Sheriff Darren Campbell stated Deputies received a report of larceny of various items of jewelry from a home on Coolsprings Road Statesville on January 20th, 2015. The victim reported that on 12-17-2014 they had a niece who came into town from New York with a boyfriend and stayed at their home overnight. The two were going to Charlotte Airport to pick up a friend who was flying in from College.

The victim stated that a short time after her niece and her boyfriend left she received a phone call from three separate family members in New York stating that they had jewelry stolen from their house and had reported it to New York State Police and Genesse County Sheriff’s Office. It was reported to the Iredell County Sheriff’s Office that the niece and her boyfriend had visited all three of these homes as well and were suspects.

Detectives began an investigation into this matter and discovered that most of the reported stolen items were sold to a local business in Statesville on 12-18-2014. From further investigation it was learned that Sanders was in custody in New York charged with one of the three incidents in New York and actually confessed to the New York State Police to all four larcenies and admitted to selling all the items for money at various locations in New York and North Carolina.

Detectives have warrants outstanding for the arrest of Justin Lee Sanders for Felony Larceny and Obtaining Property by False Pretense. The victim reported an excess of $1,600.00 dollars worth of jewelry stolen and Detectives were able to recover almost $1,000.00 dollars worth of the jewelry and return it to the victim. Detectives have spoken to the District Attorney Office and they will not seek extradition in this matter.

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