No major issues from Florence Friday night in Statesville



Winds are picking up, but no major problems at this time (10 p.m. Friday night). Electric Utilities and Public Works crews are on standby in case of outages or other issues.

CLOSINGS: The Statesville Soccer Complex will be closed beginning Saturday.

OPEN: The Statesville Fitness and Activity Center and Bentley Center will operate on regular hours as long as there is power.

SHELTERS: Iredell County Emergency Management is prepared to open a shelter at South Iredell High School in Troutman if the need arrives. If a shelter opens, the City will announce it immediately.

OUTAGES: Call 704-878-3479 to report an outage. DO NOT touch or get near a downed power line.

NON-EMERGENCY ISSUES: To report a tree blocking a road, minor traffic issues, flooding and non-emergency matters, call 704-878-3406.

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