Newton man sentenced for trafficking opiates



Shane Greer - Picture courtesy of the NC 25th District Attorney’s Office
Shane Greer – Picture courtesy of the NC 25th District Attorney’s Office

A Newton man was sentenced to serve at least five years in prison after pleading no contest to drug trafficking charges during Burke County Superior Court on Monday, Aug. 15, 2016.

Shane Eddie Greer, 36, was given an active prison sentence of five to seven years in the North Carolina Department of Adult Corrections by the Honorable W. Robert Bell, Superior Court Judge from Mecklenburg County.

Greer entered a plea of no contest to charges of trafficking in opiates by possession and trafficking in opiates by transportation. In addition to the prison term, Judge Bell also imposed a mandatory $50,000 fine that Greer has to pay.

Investigators with Long View Police Department received word late in April 2015 from a confidential source that Greer would be selling pills and marijuana at a business in eastern Burke County. Sgt. Justin Roberts waited at that business and initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle driven by Greer based on knowledge that the defendant’s license was revoked.

After receiving consent to search, Roberts located 71 Hydrocodone pills in the dash compartment. Greer admitted they were his, and he planned to sell them to employees at the business. A search of his cell phone also turned up text messages relating to pill sales.

Roberts handled the investigation for Long View Police Department, and Frank Webster prosecuted the case for the District Attorney’s Office.

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