New traffic lights planned for NC 115 between Mooresville and Davidson



MOORESVILLE – The drive along a congested 1.5-mile stretch of N.C. 115 in Mooresville should improve, after an $180,650 contract awarded by the N.C. Department of Transportation.

The contractor, Traffic Control Devices Inc. of Altamonte Springs, Florida, will install a closed loop signal system and fiber optic communications at intersections along N.C. 115 at Yellow Wood Circle, Langtree Road/Hobbs Lane, Quality Drive/Faith Road, Fairview Road and Waterlynn Road.

The new equipment will be connected to the existing traffic signals at these locations. The upgrades will help move traffic more efficiently on N.C. 115 between Mooresville and Davidson.

Work can begin as early as July 30 and will be completed by Dec. 1.

This was one of 25 road and bridge contracts recently awarded by the N.C. Department of Transportation. Per state law they went to the lowest qualified bidder for each project. The contracts are worth nearly $630 million.

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Author: WSIC editor