New drug charges for man awaiting trial



Shyheim Millsaps - Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheirff's Office
Shyheim Millsaps – Picture courtesy of the Iredell County Sheirff’s Office

Sheriff Darren E. Campbell stated: Members of the Iredell County Narcotics Investigation Unit along with the SERT Team executed a search warrant at 108 Kite Lane in Western Iredell County on Thursday November 17, 2016.

This was the culmination of a month long investigation into the possession and sale of “China White Heroin” in the Stony Point, Western Statesville areas of Iredell County.

Narcotics Investigators gathered information about the suspect, Shyheim Fitzhugh Millsaps, selling heroin somewhere on Midway Road. Surveillance operations soon identified a house at 108 Kite Lane which the suspect was using to sell heroin. Purchases of heroin were made from Millsaps at this location.

Based on this information, a search warrant was issued for the residence and when executed, heroin, money and a handgun were seized. The serial numbers were researched on the handgun and investigators learned the gun was entered as stolen by the sheriff’s office from an old breaking and entering case off of Newton Drive.

Millsaps is currently out of jail and under a 300,000.00 dollars bond for prior drug related charges by the Statesville Police Department and is scheduled to appear in court in early 2017 for those.

Millsaps was charged in this investigation with the following charges, Four Felony Counts of Possession with Intent to Sell and Deliver Heroin, One Felony Count of Maintain a Place to Sell Heroin, One Felony Count of Possession with Intent to Sell or Deliver Marijuana, One Felony Count of Possession of a Stolen Firearm, and One Misdemeanor Count of Possession of Schedule III Controlled Substance.

Shyheim Millsaps was transported to the Iredell County Detention Center where he was placed under 300,000.00 dollars secured bond. The sheriff’s office has asked the District Attorney’s Office to consider revoking the prior 300,000.00 dollars bond from the earlier outstanding charges.

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