New app offers way to report trash and pollution in Catawba River, Lake Norman

Pictures courtesy of Catawba Riverkeeper


(Charlotte, N.C.) The Catawba Riverkeeper Foundation has released its Water Watcher app, now available for free in both the Apple and Google Play stores.

Focusing on exploring and protecting the waters of the Catawba-Wateree River basin, this first version of the app has eight tools: pollution reporter; trash logger; basin explorer map; Catawba Riverkeeper website; enforcement authority contact information; Catawba Riverkeeper social media; lake levels; and dam release and flow arrival times.

“We have a unique asset in our vast network of trained volunteers and concerned citizens, the majority of whom now have smartphones. The Water Watcher app helps people explore and fall in love with this river as well as make it easier and more efficient to get pollution documented and reported,” said Catawba Riverkeeper Sam Perkins. “This app ensures that we receive critical information, such as location details, while making it convenient for the user to submit the report and for us to handle it.”

The pollution and trash forms automatically log GPS coordinates and include pictures and information entered by the user. They populate a management system that better enables the Catawba Riverkeeper’s full-time staff and volunteer network to better organize and address pollution, including trash for future cleanups. The basin explorer map has a list of layers that can be turned on and off, including recreation access points, pollution discharges, creeks, sub-basins, political boundaries and more. These reporting and mapping systems utilize ESRI’s GIS technology.

The app can be found as “Catawba Riverkeeper Water Watcher” on the Google Play Store and “Catawba Water Watcher” on the Apple Store. Additional details on the app, including instructions, can be found at as well as on social media.

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Author: WSIC editor